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the harris project

the harris project is proud to launch the Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness 2-star logo, and accompanying postcard, so that together we can bring co-occurring disorders: out of the shadows & into the light!

For those who want to learn more about “The Story Behind The Stars,” including the inspiration for the 2-star logo, you have navigated to the right page!

The 2-star logo has a special beginning. First used when we started the harris project in October 2013, Harris’s sister, Jensyn, requested that the harris project logo include 2 stars – 1 green and 1 white – as a tribute to a poem he wrote to her while in a treatment program. Harris’s poetry demonstrates the depth of his emotions as he struggled with the impact of co-occurring disorders. Harris’s sister, Jensyn, was his loyal supporter & their love for each other never wavered. The 2 stars were designed to symbolize their bond and connection. 

Next applied in October 2016 as the peer-led CODA movement ignited, the green and white stars featured prominently in the CODA logo. CODA was piloted in 16 Westchester public high schools and Greenwich High School in Connecticut. As momentum grew around the CODA movement, the inclusion of the 2 stars in the logo took on additional significance. During the first CODA Weeks (April 1-15) 2017, the hashtags #CODAConnects #BeTheLink were embraced. It was also during this time that the CODA theme song “You Are Not Alone” premiered. Celebration boxes with activities and announcements were provided to all Westchester public high schools and Greenwich High School to celebrate CODA Weeks 2018.

Today, as the next steps are taken to bring co-occurring disorders: out of the shadows & into the light, the 2-star CODA logo stands alone to embody: 
• the power of the human connection
• the benefit of linking to appropriate resources
• the 2 main components of co-occurring disorders – mental health challenge(s) & substance misuse/addiction. 

It is designed to raise awareness, and as a reminder that “You Are Not Alone.”

The original, as written by Harris: